Shortly before his official coronation of the Thai king Maha Vajiralongkorn (66) has married, surprisingly, his mistress Suthida Tidjai (40). That the two are a Couple, and was for some time an open secret. Officially, the Liaison was confirmed but never.

Suthida has an amazing career: The former flight attendant and worked in the Thai army is up to the officer. In 2014, she made the then crown Prince Vajiralongkorn to the Deputy Chief of his personal bodyguard.

For him, it is the fourth marriage

in order To 16.32 at has signed Suthida now in the throne hall of the Dusit Palace in Bangkok, the papers for the marriage since 2016 as a king reigning Vajiralongkorn. Present in both members of the Thai Royal family and adviser to the monarch, as well as members of the since 2014 in the country’s ruling military government.

At the ceremony, was appointed Suthida officially to the Queen. The 40-Year-old was in front of her husband on the knee. Then the newly minted spouses gifts exchanged.

For the Thai king, it is not the first marriage. Vajiralongkorn was already married three Times and has seven children. On Saturday, the three-day celebrations to mark the official inauguration of Vajiralongkorn, who had inherited the throne in front of two and a half years after the death of his father to begin.

in Switzerland,

Vajiralongkorn and his Suthida have a strong connection to Europe. If you often are in your Villa in Tutzing on lake Starnberg near Munich. According to officially unconfirmed Reports, they returned only on Wednesday morning from Germany to Bangkok.

Also with Switzerland, the Thai Royal family is closely associated. Vajiralongkorns father spent in his youth, from 1933, a total of 17 years on lake Geneva. Vajiralongkorn and Suthida came in March 2017 in Switzerland. Last summer, the king rose in the Hotel Waldegg in Engelberg, OW.

On Thursday, Queen Suthida has completed her first public appearance. On the side of her husband, she was a former monarch of Thailand, in Bangkok’s historic district, officially their respect. (noo)