TFR has asked Canada data on the SS, committed genocide in Yeysk

Russia’s Investigative Committee has asked the canadian court proceedings against Helmut Oberlander, who was a translator in the Sonderkommando SS-10 “and” under the leadership of Kurt Christmann.

the Materials requested in the investigation of the criminal case on genocide in October 1942, inmates of Yeysk children’s home, said the official representative SK the Russian Federation Svetlana Petrenko. Then in the gas chambers were killed 214 children. After the liberation from German occupation, their bodies were discovered in the area Sorochinskogo farm.

According to investigators, the murder was committed by members of the Sonderkommando SS-10 “a” with the participation of the head of the Gestapo in the city of Yeysk of Lieutenant of Baedeker, the commandant of the city Called the doctor and Gestapo Strauch.

In the 1940-ies and 1960-ies some members of the Sonderkommando were arrested and convicted. However, Helmut Oberlander managed to escape and avoid punishment. He later emigrated to Canada.

In 1995, the government of Canada, knowing that Oberlander had concealed information about the service in the Sonderkommando, initiated court proceedings. The process lasted 5 years, but in the end the court found Oberlander guilty unproven.

In 2008 against him was organized by a new trial, and he was deprived of his citizenship of Canada. However, in 2009 the appeal court overturned this decision, and the citizenship of Oberlander returned. However, in December of 2019 the Supreme court of Canada, taking into account all the facts, took the final decision is still to deny the former member of the SS Sonderkommando canadian citizenship, reminds “Interfax”.

“SK of Russia establishes all circumstances of the participation of Oberlander in the composition of the Sonderkommando,” — said Svetlana Petrenko, Recalling that crimes against humanity have no Statute of limitations.