Texas the first of the US States will begin to remove sanitary barriers

First state in USA which from Monday will take introduced because of the coronavirus restrictions will be Texas. The decree already signed by the state Governor, Greg Abbott. Start with open parks, but visitors still need to wear a mask, keep your distance while walking and not to gather in groups of more than five people.

“Wednesday, April 22, will be removed some requirements for hospitals in terms of their capacity and personal protective materials. Friday, April 24, the state will begin the partial opening of retail stores on a temporary basis: the sellers will deliver the goods to the car or home of the client. But the school will remain closed”, – explanation publishes RIA Novosti.

From the U.S. authorities, the heads of States have received recommendations for their discovery. The main criterion is the negative trend of morbidity and mortality from COVID-19. Assess and make a final decision about the lifting of restrictions on their territories have governors.

According to the latest data, in Texas there were more than 17 thousand cases of infection with coronavirus. The disease has claimed the lives of over 400 people. The outbreak was registered in December of 2019 in Central China. March 11, the world health organization declared it a pandemic.