Texas medicine takes a step forward

Repair of children’s clinics, eliminating lack of personnel, purchase of equipment, and more. In the Amur region health services output level within the framework of national project Health. The goal for 2020 discussed at the Board meeting at the regional Ministry of health.

Complete the staffing of the hospitals by professionals today the most important task, said during the meeting. 70 million rubles will be spent this year on the program “Zemsky doctor” and “the country nurse”. The Governor urged the municipalities to focus on the fact that these tools really helped to eliminate the shortage of personnel.

“There in many ways, of course, you need to pay attention to the heads on this problem. You should provide maximum assistance in its decision, including the search for and provision of housing. Assistance in adaptation to those doctors who come to you,” said Vasily Orlov, the Governor of the Amur region.

last year, a decision was made to repair all the children’s clinics of the region. Work should be completed in the current, the Governor said. The total cost of reconstruction of about three hundred million rubles. Under the program “combating cardiovascular diseases” this year will be purchased special equipment for the primary profile departments Free of Raychikhinsk, zei worth more than 70 million rubles. As for cancer, in the Amur region is planned to open 5 centers for outpatient care. For equipping the regional cancer center provided about 300 million rubles. Special control medical examination of the population.

“Almost all medical organizations a broader range of patients. In the evening is from 17 to 20 hours. In addition, this work is at weekends, there are separate rooms for what was a possibility to pass examinations, bypassing primary queue,” said Eugene Zarnovica, Minister of health of the Amur region.

the Emphasis in the development of healthcare is and the mobility of care. This outreach service mobile clinic, “Ecopatrol”. It is planned to purchase 10 mobile first-aid stations. To drive around the area there are also dental and x-ray-device-mammography. The priority is the improvement of the network of the medical organizations of primary care and the accessibility to the public.

“measures are being Taken to enhance the involvement of staff in primary care. First of all, is the financial support that will emerge in size to two million. Is of health medical school, will medcollege, vocational guidance of pupils”, — said Alexander Platonov, Chairman of the Medical chamber of the Amur region.

will Continue in the region and the implementation of medical institutions of system of “lean healthcare”, the digitalization of the industry.