What a perfect Smartphone needs? First of all, it must complete the mandatory part, so those Features show, the today device just about every Top.

This requirement is the Huawei Mate 20 Pro scores met. The Kirin-980 processor, 6 GB of memory is one of the fastest systems on the market. In everyday life this means that anyone who switches between dozens of open Apps back and forth, you will notice no delays.

Liquid also on the newest Android 9.0 Pie-based operating system to be running. It is changed as is always the case with Huawei. The Design of the surface is a matter of taste, reminds more to the iPhone than to a pure Android, but can be very sharply focused on their own needs.

The 6,39-inch-Oled-Screen, with 3120 to 1440 pixels, and is so ultra-sharp, contrast-rich and bright. The Design with Notch and rounded edges is modern, but still independently.

The case is in accordance with iP68 Standard waterproof. In contrast to the predecessor, you can load the Mate is now also wireless. So far, everything is exactly as you wish for that as a Smartphone Fan.

The Huawei Mate 20 has three Slots for cards

But already in the equipment Details more than the compulsory program offers Huawei. So there is by default two Slots for SIM-cards, one can, alternatively, be used for memory expansion.

Huawei uses for the first time a new memory card Format called Nano-SD the Size of a SIM card. 65 Swiss francs a Chip with 128 GB of storage costs around 20 francs more than a comparable Micro SD cards. But additional memory is needed, not necessarily as 128 GB are installed as Standard already.

Unfortunately, some Mate but seem to have devices in the performance of duty effort. “Gluegate” is the name of the screen-Problem, to see where the edges of an unsightly green tinge, especially in the dark. Apparently this error occurs only in some of LG supplied Panels, the test device with a Screen of Boe was flawless. Sufferers report that your device has been replaced, others are still waiting for a decision. Huawei has not commented on this yet officially. It is also unclear how many devices are affected.

The greatest weaknesses are in the Software

If we are to Criticise when: Flawless, the Mate is not – even if you can live with all the weaknesses in the overall package. In addition, most of the weaknesses with a Software have been fixed-Update.

in the first update, the artificial intelligence has been Improved already. The switches about the Photograph significantly less wild between the modes back and forth. Nevertheless, the AI is not balanced yet such as the P20 Pro.

The gesture control is better and more efficient than the classic Android operation with buttons. Nevertheless, there is still potential for improvement: The Back gesture is over the side edges too cumbersome; and it’s a way to quickly switch between the Apps is missing. A pity, too, interferes with the supplied Case when you Swipe from the bottom. Since you can buy a better an Alternative that is not covering the bottom.

the battery of The Mate 20 Per lasts longer than all the other

But back to the many Strengths. Far above-average battery life. 4200 mAh is a measure of the battery, without that one would notice in Size or weight. So we were in everyday life during intense usage to around 1.5 days without Recharging. Longer so far, no test equipment has kept.

And if you ever run out of juice, you can load the Mate 20 Pro Supercharge really super fast. In little more than an hour it is back to 100 percent. Huawei goes even further with additional features: The Mate is also a Powerbank and can charge any other Gadget wirelessly, such as a Smartphone in the competition.

And Huawei is also really innovative. For example, in the case of the combination of face detection and fingerprint Scanner. This is, in fact, hidden under the Screen; something that is currently almost no other manufacturer offers.

Although the first Generation of this Scanner is still not as fast as a normal fingerprint Sensors. But they do not interfere visually and are not a good Alternative, if the face detection works. For example, if the phone is on the table, and you want to unlock it quickly, without bending the head over the phone. This is a big advantage over Apple, as a pioneer of the face recognition with Sensors and camera full. Face ID on the iPhone does not work, you must type in the Code.

Huawei has two other important advantages: The face detection in the Mate is faster; and it works well when holding the phone landscape. The safety, exactly, is to say, without any scientific investigation difficult. Huawei promises to be of a similar Standard as Apple. For everyday the but enough in any case.

The camera System enthusiastic creative photographers

The biggest Highlight of the Huawei Mate 20 Per camera System with three lenses is clearly. Compared to the already excellent P20 Pro, it provides more photographic opportunities. Because as a third lens, a wide angle lens. It is not so light, but offers great opportunities for landscapes, large groups of people, but also unusual perspectives.

in Addition, you can make really good Macro shots, and up to 2.5 centimeters of the Subject, come a bit closer. Also the night mode is improved and can be in all of the Zoom and wide angle used levels.

clearly, the Huawei makes very good automatic photos, even if the artificial intelligence is sometimes a little too eager. The automatic switch also in the case of multiple people in the portrait mode, but only if they are more or less side by side. Then there is a very nice group shots with a blurred Background. Someone is two steps back, is he in this modes probably already in the blur area.

The best results happen if you pulled the trigger several times, in different modes tried out, also a photo without the power, and also with the different angles of plays. So succeed more often than with any other Smartphone in extraordinary photos.

The Huawei Mate 20 Per the end of the phone-the year of 2018 the big Highlight. It’s all there, what is technically possible today, and should inspire the creative photographer. Around 900 Swiss francs it costs at the moment in the trade. A fair price, even if it is not convenient or cheap.