the normal Huawei Mate 20 Pro with its 6,39-inch screen a bit of a droner. But in addition to the Mate 20 X the flagship looks like a dwarf. Because the largest Huawei has a 7.2-inch Screen and is almost as large as the new folding Phone, the Chinese manufacturer is launching in the summer on the market. This has unfolded in an almost square screen with an 8-inch Display.

But who wants to currently have as much as possible image with a mobile phone, the giant-Huawei. In the Store of Digitec around to find a phone with more than 7 inch screen size – and this is the Mate 20 X.

Officially, the giant Phone in us is by the way not available. It is sold mainly in the Asian region where such large units are in demand. But Digitec has noticed that there is quite a interest, and offers the Phone is currently available for 899 CHF.

Thinner, but heavier giant-Screen, large battery

What you get now for money? First of all, a huge Screen. 7.2 in measures of the, the device is about 17 inches long and 8.5 inches wide. So in comparison to the smaller models in all dimensions have grown. Except in the case of the thickness 8.15 millimeters, the Mate is a 20 X thinner than a lot of other Top Smartphones, as the Mate 20 for example.

And this, although the X has a built-in a huge 5000 mAh battery. It lasts easily a day, even two days duration in the normal case – that’s pretty cool. The phone is with 232 grams, quite heavy, take in purchase. Also, the slightly lower display resolution 2244 x 1080 pixels and 346 ppi is in order. The Oled Screen is still sharp and high contrast – takes but, of course, less battery.

However, you should not have the Illusion that you can operate the Smartphone with one Hand. With the thumb of an average man’s hand you don’t have a Chance to touch once the cross-over the phone. Also tap actually goes only with two hands, only because of the one-handed is always the danger that it gets out of the device. In the pocket the huge part is also hardly any more space and if, then it leaves a clearly visible bumps.

The Design is chic, but it Features

are missing by the Way: The screen looks with the little “Notch” in the Form of a drop of water that is much fancier than that of the top model, the Mate 20 Pro, which has a dominant black bars in the Screen. For this you have to give giant Screen on the secure face detection with sensor support.

Otherwise, the equipment is, fortunately, an equivalent of the actual flagship. About the Top processor Kirin 980 with 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of memory. This can be extended with the special Nano cards of Huawei.

Also equal, and therefore, high quality is the triple camera with Zoom and wide angle, which is one of the best systems currently available. And there is even a Feature which the Mate 20 Pro has a headphone Jack.

In certain areas you have to make compromises. So the Mate 20 X only splash proof and not really waterproof. And there is no way to charge the device wirelessly. Also the fingerprint Scanner is not found as the Mate 20 Pro under the display glass, but, quite conventionally, on the back of the back. This would not be so bad, would be positioned in the Scanner is not too high, and thus difficult to reach.

The main and only Argument for the purchase of the Mate 20 X the giant Screen. The is really great to view such Videos or play games. Otherwise, the large Phone does not quite reach the level of the Mate 20 Per. Of course, the X is still a great device with a good ratio of price and performance and exceptionally good battery life. But, as the Mate 20 Pro is in the trade at the moment even 50 francs cheaper, remains as an advantage at the end, really only the screen Size.