On Friday evening had shown the Swiss national team in Sierre at the debut of the NHL’s young star Nico Hischier (hat-Trick in the last third) is a true Gala against France (6:0). But so weak, the Western neighbour is presented, he is not. He shows day in Geneva.

this Time, the team of Philippe Bozon is even stronger and more determined, comes to the game of interests and opportunities. To guide you need, but then the benevolent Use of Robert Mayer. The Servette Keeper from a shot from behind the base-line by Damien Fleury dupe.

Bertaggia breaking grounds again ringing – it was enough for the world Cup?

the middle third of the Swiss come into the game, increase the rhythm and take advantage of two gross errors in the rearguard of the French. Only NL-escaped king Grégory Hofmann and hits the scorers.

Then it’s Alessio Bertaggia, who shoehorned a rebound volley into the almost empty net. It is already the fourth hit of the Lugano-striker in the fourth world Cup preparation game. He just try, as usual, to Checks of energy into the game, says the son of Ex-national team defender Sandro Bertaggia in SRF-pauses-Interview. “What’s more, is a Plus.” Whether it is Ticket enough for him for the world Cup, however, is questionable.

Hischier hits again,

In the last third, then back to the hour of Hischier. The 20-year-old Center to the New Jersey Devils injected through the French defense and hits the 3:1. However, it is not yet the decision. Because with Powerplay goals by Fleury and Florian Chakiachvili the guests from the same.

in Overtime, the Swiss with the NHL Stars Hischier and Kevin Fiala counter, so that Gottéron-striker Charles Bertrand France can’t shoot to victory.

Next week, the Team of Patrick Fischer denies two last Tests against Latvia in Herisau, Switzerland and Weinfelden, before then, on 11. May apply in Bratislava at the world Cup against promoted Italy seriously. (sr)