Tesla will reduce staff at the plant in Nevada is 75% of coronavirus

Tesla plans to reduce staff at the plant in Nevada by about 75 percent because of the pandemic of coronavirus, reports Bloomberg, citing the statement of the Manager of the company.

the Decision was made after production partner Tesla, Panasonic, announced that it has half the factory was closed a few days after the announcement of the suspension of work at the enterprises of Nevada.

No other details yet. It is not even clear how many employees work at the plant. Last week Tesla announced a temporary closure of its plant in Fremont. In addition, there is a new York company producing solar panels installed on the roof.

the California authorities had earlier imposed a ban on operation of any businesses within the state that are not vital. The latter include pharmacies and grocery stores. The measure was taken to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Power from 6 counties of the Bay area of San Francisco, including Alameda County, have declared a shelter-in-place.

Two employees of Tesla received a positive test result for coronavirus, but worked from home for the last two weeks. Elon Musk did not disclose which unit or location worked infected employees.

of Course, to concede under pressure from the authorities of the state of California that require them to isolate employees Tesla had at the wrong time. The company is just beginning to ramp up production of its SUV Model Y. Previously, Musk said that the demand for this model will be much higher than all the other Tesla cars.

Elon Musk said that the factory, recently launched a company in China, operating in a normal mode. As reported by Reuters, the representative of Tesla in Shanghai, the production capacity at the Chinese plant exceeded “decoloniality” level, and on March 6, more than 91% of the employees returned to work.

However, the start of productionand Model Y in Shanghai scheduled until 2021. The company plans to expand production capacity at the Chinese plant. First of all it concerns the production of components.

meanwhile, as reported by Reuters, the China Association of passenger vehicles in January, Tesla sold in China 2620 machines, and in February — 3900, and this despite the fact that the total drop in sales in the automotive market in China in February rose to 83%.

However, the ambitious plans, Tesla broke the coronavirus, who came to the United States, and demand management of the state of California to send all the employees home. According to Reuters, the negotiations with officials were conducted for several days, but the Mask had to give.

the Automaker said it has enough liquidity to cope with a long period of uncertainty.