The American electric car pioneer Tesla expands the entertainment program of its models S, X and 3 solid. The new streaming service Netflix and the video portal Youtube will be unlocked. Soon, Tesla should be able to both platforms via its large Central screens stream, heralds-in-chief and founder Elon Musk via Twitter.

Only for the passengers and kids in the back seat, nothing changes: you still need to be on a Tablet to entertain, so the Film runs even during the journey. Because of security reasons, this feature will initially be available only when the vehicle. Means: Constant Cliffhanger while watching our favorite TV shows. After a few seconds the red light, the broadcast is interrupted again, because we drive more. Or the driver missed, if it is exciting, the green phase.

Deadly accident due to Film

nevertheless, it is only right, Netflix and Youtube only in the prior release, to protect the drivers from themselves. Three years ago, the state of Florida, the first fatal accident involving a self-driving Tesla is happening in the US. While the driver had activated the so-called auto-pilot, he looked a Harry Potter movie.

The cross-semi-trailer ends, the System is not realized, however, and steered the Tesla under the trailer, where the roof was torn off. After that, the Model went still about a kilometre further up it with a telephone pole collided.

Later, when the Autopilot is available

Nevertheless, Tesla is in view, Videos with the autopilot engaged to play as soon as it is legally allowed and technically possible. Until then, the action is not much more than a Marketing gimmick. Perhaps, too, of tonight’s quarterly numbers to distract.

In the last three months has slipped Tesla with a loss of 408.3 million Dollar surprisingly deep in the red. So Wall Street had not expected-analysts. Sales also failed to meet with 6.8 billion dollars in their expectations.