Terrorists in Idlib were poisoned by chemical weapons during the attempt of provocation

it is Noted that in TSPVS there is evidence of a failed provocation of the terrorist group “Hayat Tahrir al-sham” with the use of chemical weapons in the Eastern part of the zone of de-escalation of Idlib. They produced 3 March “in retaliation units of the Syrian government troops.”

the Provocation was scheduled for March 2.

Photo: istock the Kremlin told about the expectations from the meeting of Putin and Erdogan

“At night a group of terrorists to derail the advance of Syrian government troops in the Western areas of the village Serakan and subsequent allegations of use of chemical weapons attempted to detonate high explosive ammunition, along with containers filled with toxic chemicals. However, due to the lack of necessary experience and skills in dealing with toxic substances, the terrorists violated the integrity of one of the containers, thereby allowing the leak of chemical substances close to a”, – told details in TSPVS.

“the Terrorists failed to bomb ammunition and to realize the provocation, instead they received severe chemical poisoning,” concluded the military, adding that in the near future will be published irrefutable evidence described a failed provocation.

Earlier, the defense Ministry announced that the Turkish military support to terrorists in Idlib.