Terrorists condemned Erdogan for his agreement with Putin

Military of Russia and Turkey begin joint patrols in the Syrian province of Idlib. More precisely in the district strategic highway M-4 “Latakia – Aleppo”. Agreement on this was reached during six-hour talks between the presidents of Russia and Turkey Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

March 5, Erdogan immediately flew to Moscow to discuss the situation in Idlib, where since the end of January there was a serious aggravation. Under the blows of the Syrian military killed dozens of Turkish soldiers that wormed his way into the ranks of terrorists. And then the Syrians shot down dozens of Turkish armed drones. In Moscow the question correct. Agreed to stop all hostilities on the contact line in Iglinsky area of de-escalation. Plus the city of Sarakibe departed the Syrian government forces, which means full control over the highway M-5 “Damascus — Hama — Aleppo”. Highway M-4 from Latakia to Aleppo is under control.

the First joint Russian-Turkish patrol highway M-4 was started. From Russian Federation with the participation of officers of the Russian military police, three vehicles “Tiger”, BTR and the car “Typhoon”. The Turkish military also provided for patrol of three armored car.

the tour takes place at a strategically important route for Syria M-4, which connects the Latakia and Aleppo. Agreement on joint Russian-Turkish patrols were reached during the meeting of Putin and Erdogan in Moscow.

for more than a week in the area of de-escalation of Idlib the cease-fire. Indeed, after a truce was declared, the situation in Idlib province has become much calmer. Fighters periodically strikes using mortars on positions of fighters of the Syrian army on the frontline, but it’s not massive strikes. In General, now the intensity of the fighting is actually equal to zero.

At the same time in the near future, Ankara needs to ensure rethe formatting of the terrorist groups that operate in the territory of the Syrian province of Idlib, where there is a joint presence of militants and the Turkish Armed forces.

In the zone of de-escalation of Idlib are Turkish observation posts, also strongholds of the Turkish Armed forces located on the territory controlled by Syrian troops. Thus, according to the Syrian military intelligence, the militants continue to shift to the front edge of the additional forces and means is large-caliber small arms, mortars, and also the militias that are on the line of contact.

furthermore, the militants are actively building additional fortifications. According to our data, working day and night. It should be noted that the radicals actively oppose the implementation of the Moscow agreements. It is known that already released a few official statements of terrorist groups, condemning Ankara for what was agreed between President Putin and President Erdogan in Moscow. The leaders of terrorist groups have openly declared that to carry out the agreement of a terrorist group is not collected.

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