Cherif Chekatt (29) is directed in the attack on the Strasbourg Christmas market on Tuesday evening will be a bloodbath. The sad outcome: two Dead, one brain dead and thirteen injured.

The identity of the first death victim was already known on Wednesday morning: The 45-year-old Thai Anupong Suebsamarn was together with his wife, Naina, and another couple in France during the holidays. The group arrived a day before the attack in Strasbourg, and wanted to travel to Paris. Chekatt killed Suebsamarn by a shot to the head. Passers-by had tried to revive him. Without Success.

the Second death, the victims of bankers (†61) Strasbourg

Now is also the second death for the victims of the terrorist attack in Strasbourg is known. As the newspaper “Le Figaro” reports, is a 61-year-old Bank employee from Strasbourg. He had visited on Tuesday evening along with his wife and son, the Restaurant “La Stub” in the vicinity of the Christmas market.

The man, whose Name has not been released, was taken with his family just an Aperitif, before he went out for a little fresh air. There he was, in the hands of the attackers, Cherif Chekatt, shot ih. The cellar with the name Jonathan is reported to “France info”. I heard an Explosion and walked out of There I saw the man slumped to the floor and the other ran away. He ran in one of the parallel roads, I only saw him from the back. He has not yet fired, once, twice, three times, four times,” says Jonathan.

He and his colleagues would have alerted the police and the injured man taken care of. “Unfortunately, in vain,” said Jonathan. The banker had passed away before the Arrival of the auxiliary forces.

Afghan hound is dead

The Afghan nationals, Kamal, was also hit by a bullet and was killed because of his head injury in a coma. He is brain dead.

The Strasbourg mosque Eyyûb Sultan takes on its Facebook page farewell from automotive mechatronics.

The wounded

An Italian Journalist is among the injured. The 28-Year-old from the Region of Trento, was in Strasbourg to report on the plenary session of the European Parliament.

“Le Parisien” reports of a painter, and two times the father of a family, was wounded during the attack. His employer described the man to the newspaper as a “good friend”.

An 18-year-old woman is now out of danger. She comes from Moyenmoutier, a place located around 80 kilometers from Strasbourg.

Furthermore, the mother of Jeanne Lorho, a young rhinestone citizen reported that they, too, will survive the assassination attempt, if it was also injured. “We were lucky that she is still with us. Our thoughts are now with those who have lost due to this coward of a man.” (nim)

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