A terrorist attack on two mosques in Christchurch has been shaken on Friday at noon (local time), the South island of new Zealand. At least 49 people were killed, dozens injured. The police have arrested in connection with the assassination of four people. One of the suspects of the extreme right, violence and Australian Brenton Tarrant (28) ready.

Disturbing: The assassin has filmed his carnage. 17 minutes of the massacre in the Al-Noor mosque takes. Tarrant shows no mercy With his Pump Gun, he will shoot men, women and children. A few hours before the attack on the Al-Noor mosque shooter, the shooter has published a Manifesto with the title “the Great Replacement” – the great renewal.

Christchurch assassination planned shooter in the past three months,

assassin Brenton Tarrant writes in his Pamphlet about his life and his Motivation for his bloody campaign of revenge. He sees himself as a representative of “millions of Europeans and other ethnic-nationalist peoples”.

The attack was a targeted, well-planned assassination. Because of Tarrant’s hate-Scripture, that he had the idea of an attack two years ago. The attack in Christchurch he had planned to be in Concrete but it is only in the past three months. The terrorist attack in Christchurch, the shooter describes himself as racially motivated.

to take His Motivation, according to his 74-page hate-font: “revenge for the genocide of the White”, because he sees the Muslims as “obvious, visible, and a large group of Haunting”. Not least, it aims also on the refugee issue in Europe.