Terrible act in Ibbenbüren in North Rhine-Westphalia. A 17-year-old boy is said to have killed his teacher at a vocational college on Tuesday. Classmates and teachers describe the 17-year-old, who has so far been silent on the fact.

After the fatal knife attack on a teacher in the city of Ibbenbüren in Münsterland, investigations into the crime are ongoing. A 17-year-old student is said to have killed the 55-year-old on Tuesday afternoon in the classroom at a vocational college. So far, the suspect is silent on the fact, as the public prosecutor announced on Wednesday.

According to the public prosecutor’s office, initial investigations have shown that the suspect had problems at school.

The recurring conflicts with teachers are said to have resulted in a one-day expulsion from school on Tuesday morning, which is said to have been pronounced by the school management. In the afternoon, the suspect is said to have attacked and killed his class teacher, who was said to have been alone in the classroom at the time.

A few students and teachers at the school in Ibbenbüren have now spoken to the “Bild” newspaper about the suspect. A teacher called the 17-year-old a “classic type of big puke”. He was a loner, but “hated most of the students and teachers,” one student told the newspaper, and didn’t think anyone could hurt him.

According to the public prosecutor’s office in Münster, the 17-year-old made the emergency call himself after the crime and was then arrested without resistance. According to the first investigations by the homicide squad, he is said to have visited the 55-year-old in the school building. The teacher was alone in a classroom.

Why she was there alone and the student apparently knew this was still unclear on Tuesday evening. The body will be autopsied on Wednesday at the earliest, said a police spokeswoman.

Federal Education Minister Bettina Stark-Watzinger reacted with dismay to the deadly act of violence against a teacher in Ibbenbüren, Münsterland. “The violent death of the teacher is stunned. We must do everything we can to better protect teachers from violence,” she told the news portal “t-online.” The FDP politician added that it was unacceptable that teachers were regularly insulted, threatened and attacked.

However, Stark-Watzinger left it open how teachers could be better protected in the future.

The Münster district government reacted dismayed to the fact on Twitter: “We are stunned,” writes the authority on Twitter. “We mourn together.”

There was a larger police presence at the vocational college on Tuesday. In addition to several patrol cars, a rescue helicopter, an ambulance and an emergency chaplain also arrived.

A student is currently facing charges in the Düsseldorf Higher Regional Court because he is said to have planned a major bloodbath at his high school in Essen. According to the indictment, he was targeting teachers and students. According to the federal prosecutor’s office, the high school student is said to have planned the act with pipe bombs and as a right-wing terrorist attack.