In the English town of Southampton, County of Hampshire, a man proposed to his girlfriend after he found out that she is terminally ill. According to the Mirror, she died a month after wedding ceremony.

the 25-year-old Tash young (Tash Young) met with the 33-year-old Simon in July 2019 on a blind date, which gave them mutual friends. The Briton claims that they fell in love each other at first sight and moved in together three weeks later. He wanted to call his beloved to get married then, but she asked him to wait at least a year to make sure of the seriousness of his intentions.

In December 2019 Yang began to suffer from pain in the ribs. She first explained the discomfort that lifting heavy boxes at work, but over time the pain became stronger. The Briton went to the hospital, she was x-rayed and saw the darkening on the light. The doctors suggested that her breast was a cyst because of the parasite she may have acquired during the stay abroad.

the Course of antiparasitic treatment has not helped, in March, surgeons removed part of a lung girl and found her on the diaphragm malignant tumor has metastasized to the lungs and heart. Yang tried several types of chemotherapy, but in may, doctors found her illness was incurable and said that she would live from three to twelve weeks. As soon as Simon found out, he made her an offer.

because Of extraordinary circumstances, the pair managed to get permission to get married in the hospital, despite the prohibitions related to the pandemic of novel coronavirus infection. The bride and groom organized a wedding ceremony for four days, their costumes came only a day of celebration, may 22. Since the couple could not go for a honeymoon to see the Northern lights, as they dreamed, Simon made his projection on the hospital ceiling. After five days they sent me home.

young died on June 25. In the last days of her life, Simon didn’t move from her. He told the story of his love to journalists in the hope of attracting the attention of readers to collect money for a charity organization dedicated to cancer treatment in adolescents.