“do you trust on their reserves to meet this crisis. Inventions such as video calls ensure that this is not a real Isolation. We need to structure ourselves in the unfamiliar Situation understand,” said Enke.

As the wife of Ex-national goalkeeper Enke emphasized that this psychologically tense state is not comparable with real mental illnesses such as depression. “Depression is something else, a metabolic disease in which temporary brain functions are limited.”

Not the whole day in pyjamas

walk around for this reason, a depression wave because the Corona was not to be expected crisis. “The least of us, mental illnesses are fear, but no impairment of well-being. Therefore, it does no good to the Situation mentally.”

According to the opinion of Enke, it is important to structure your own day. Therefore, they advises not to stay forever in bed and in pajamas to run around, “because then the initial, wrong holiday feeling returns quickly in listlessness and lost. Things make, helps to give the new Situation normal.”

piano lessons, Pilates training or language courses

“Is it that you work to specific hours of consistent work in a home office or a specific time of the day, the lunch prepared. A newspaper journalist who worked for many years in the editorial Department, and then all of a sudden when America correspondent alone from home, wrote, dressed for work hours in the home office always, as he went to the office. Such small-Support help.”

Edwards continues: “piano lessons, Pilates training or language courses – all of which can run over Video, and can be considered as the exception is quite funny. The parents, the – moaning – as I do- often, their children would have to spend a lot of time on the phone, now have a meaningful task for these children: you can explain to the grandparents, such as Facetime or Skype, and you let live in order for the virtual part.”

a Model! Cristiano Ronaldo gives his children hand-washing-lesson PCP Model! Cristiano Ronaldo gives his children hand-washing-lesson