If you praise his good knowledge of the German language, then the steel blue eyes of Terence Hill (80) beams a little brighter. Because of his artist name, citizens of the world, Yes some people for a Americans, while the Italians is, in truth, a half-Saxon. Because his mother was from the Dresden area, and the language, for example, a Götz George or Ulrich Tukur of the Italo-Western hero still speaks fluently.

With Western parodies such as “Continuavano a chiamarlo Trinità” to the side of his bärbeissigen pals and Italian compatriot Bud Spencer (†86) was the blonde in the Mime world-famous. 29. March, he is 80 years old.

Terence Hill, celebrates his birthday in America

The birthday is to spend Terence Hill private in the United States, how to learn from his Management. Also there is the man with the mischievous Smile for many years has lived and filmed movies.

Mario Girotti, his real Name was Born, but in Venice. His father, an Italian chemist, found a Job in Germany in 1943 and moved with the family to Lommatzsch near Dresden. The Boy could see the allied air attacks in February 1945 at a distance and had therefore, in his own words, decades of nightmares. In 1947 the family returned to Italy.

In the “Bel Paese” to Mario with boxes, literally. Because the classmate mobbten him, because he was not Italian. He learned quickly, and already in 1951 he had his first small role in the adventure film “Vacanze col gangster”.

After that, he starred in a number of quite popular Italian movies. In 1963, he was in Luchino Visconti’s film classic “Il Gattopardo” on the side of Burt Lancaster’s (†80) and Claudia Cardinales (80) to the count Count. In Germany, he played in some Karl-May movies.

Terence Hill is a Pseudonym of

probably The most important position of his career came in 1967. Since he played for the first time in a spaghetti Western: “Dio perdona… io no!” directed by Giuseppe Colizzi (†53). Because according to the producers of an Italian Name for a Western wasn’t, he needed a anglophones Pseudonym. He got a list of 20 proposals and chose Terence Hill. His film partner Carlo Pedersoli Bud Spencer. It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship, which lasted until the death of Spencer’s 2016.

In the case of the rotary met Terence Hill know work on the Set, his wife, Lori zwicklbauer, a German-American. The instantly successful first starring role he had, by chance, He jumped in as a replacement for the South Tyrolean Peter Martell (†71), which had broken shortly before the start of filming in the desert in Almería in Spain, the foot. According to the Hill armed with his fiancée had Martell constantly, he wanted to kick, but she dodged and his foot banged against a wall.

Italo-Western made Hill famous

“Dio perdona” was a real badass Western with blood and torture scenes. The pivot to the Western parody, full of situation Comedy and cool spells, where the villains blows by the jaw, the Back of the head and the Frying pan are struck down, came under Director Enzo Barboni: “Lo, they call Trinità” (1970) – according to their own words, the Hills favorite movie, “Continuavano a chiamarlo Trinità” (1971) and “E poi lo chiamarono il magnifico” (1972).

From the Wild West it was in 1972, with the flyer Più dud “forte ragazzi!” – re-directed Colizzis – in the jungle of Colombia. Under master Director Sergio Leone (†60) was played by Terence Hill on the side of Henry Fondas (†77) in “Il mio nome è Nessuno” (1973), a witty as well as profound farewell to the Western Genre, ingeniously set to music by Ennio Morricone (90).

for More movie plans

for the First time as a Director, Terence Hill 1984, in “Don Camillo”, a remake of the classic with Fernandel as Don Camillo tried. In his remake Terence Hill played the pugnacious priest. Very successful in Italy Hill is in the long-running RAI-TV series “Don Matteo”, in which he solves as a type of father Brown alla italiana criminal cases.

In the past year Terrence Hill was seen for the first time in 20 years, in theater, in “Il mio nome è Thomas”. Rich in allusions in the title, are to be found in the tragicomic age of plant, many references to previous films. It is also a tribute to the late Spencer.

At the German premiere in Dresden in Hill indicated that he had plans for more film. At the same time, he assured that he had influenced his mother in his nature, stronger than his father. “And I can say that I am a Saxon,” he said – in German, of course. (SDA)