He criticized the fact that the immigration authorities currently rejected asylum seekers should be issued after 18 months in the tolerance status of a residence permit, if you have not caused the obstacle to Departure. "The Tolerated have to work for it is neither mandatory nor knowledge of the language. With the new skilled-workers-immigration law we want to eliminate these tens of thousands of used elements of the crime." but had to agree with the SPD.

Because in Germany there is no Central authority on the legalization of obliged to leave the country decides, but the local foreigners authorities, the clause according to the assessment of the Union is very different: During the middle of the year, according to the Federal Ministry of the interior in Bavaria only lived 2.585 persons with such a residence permit, it was in much of the population of Berlin, the poorer more than twice as many, namely 5.641 people.

the city-States of Bremen (2.743) and Hamburg (3.357), as well as North Rhine-Westphalia (18.535) to go generous with this opportunity to legalize the whereabouts of obliged to leave the country. A total of 52.311 foreigners lived in the middle of the year with such a residence permit in the country.

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