Many people were carrying umbrellas as a Symbol of resistance. The Protest was also fuelled by the on Wednesday imposed prison sentences against four members of the Hong Kong democracy movement.

Some demonstrators appeared in uniforms, like the police in China. “President Xi Jinping, no legalized kidnapping of Hong Kong citizens to China,” on a poster.

In chants called for the demonstrators demanding the resignation of the Beijing-friendly administration chief Carrie Lam. Many of them carrying umbrellas – the symbol of the protest movement, at the 2014 tens of thousands of people had called for more democracy and free elections in Hong Kong.

The 20-year-old student Zoe Yuen had come with their mother to the protest March. “We can’t say to the next Generation, that we might get what we want,” she said, “but at least we have done resistance”. According to the police report, the 22’000 people participated in the Demonstration – that would be the highest number since the protests in 2014. The estimate of the organizers is likely to be considerably higher.

Against the plans, there’s already been protests. So far, Hong Kong of deliveries had taken to the mainland because the justice system there is widespread lack of transparency, and the imposition of the death penalty. At the beginning of the year, the city government had announced, however, to allow future deliveries to mainland China, Macau and Taiwan.

Hong Kong’s former British Governor-General said, companies that believed in the rule of law, made no such agreements with those who didn’t. Entrepreneurs and lawyers in Hong Kong fear that the city centre is risking its Position as an international financial, if local residents are right to fear an extradition to the Chinese authorities.

Only on Wednesday, four prominent representatives of the umbrella were a-movement to detention have been sentenced up to 16 months – this was a hard blow for the democracy movement and an additional incentive for the protesters on Sunday.

The former British crown colony Hong Kong was returned to China in 1997. Under the formula of “One country, two systems,” said Beijing for 50 years, far-reaching inner autonomy. In Hong Kong, the basic rights that are denied to the citizens of the people’s Republic, such as freedom of expression and freedom of the press, therefore, apply.

The Opposition accuses Beijing, however, increasingly involved in Hong Kong Affairs to interfere and to violate the autonomy agreements.