The aspiring Generation of Tennis Stars delivers a verbal slugfest. In the center of the dispute: The Russian Daniil Medvedev (23) and the Greek Stefanos Tsitsipas (21). The prelude to power last week after the defeat in the duel in the Shanghai semi-final Tsitsipas.

The losers find fault with the game Medvedev’s around the way and titled it as “boring”. For the Criticized this week, at home tournament in Moscow a Chance to strike back. Although he makes the Moscow tournament – as well as the upcoming week in Vienna – due to fatigue whiz, logs US Open Finalist Medvedev to word.

In the case of “Eurosport” he says with the statement “He is, my game is boring? Really? Well, I’m not going to discuss with him. Everyone has his own style. We are definitely not friends, but enemies we are not. We are colleagues, that’s all,” quoted.

Medvedev on Tsitsipas: “This is ridiculous”

Then Medvedev is a. He is a Tsitsipas Interview, the this has been after the Triumph in the Laver Cup in September. “He has told, that he was forced to drink alcohol and that it was disgusting. This is ridiculous. I can’t take him more seriously,” said Medvedev.

Sporty, he does not have to fear Tsitsipas (ATP 7) provisional. Against any other player, his record is so good. Medvedev (ATP 4) has won all five duels. The next opportunities to show Tsitsipas the master, could offer in November at the Masters tournament in Paris-Bercy or the ATP Finals in London. (rib)