for Three years, Roger Federer made a large arc around the sandy places in the tennis world. Too much stress, too much risk of injury. But now it wants to know the Maestro is once again In Madrid, he returns on the weekend on the sandy surface.

“It was a big Surprise when he called us to let us know that he would play here,” said Manolo Santana (80), longtime Boss of the ATP tournament in the Spanish capital, to “Marca”. “This is a great message for both the city of Madrid, as well as for the Fans.”

Santana brings the big Stars at the airport

Santana, who was replaced as tournament Director of the Feliciano Lopez (37), but still the organization is involved, is very excited. “I wanted to make sure that Federer plays on clay,” he admits.

The appearance of the Swiss in Madrid, he will be picked up from Santana in person at the airport. Serena Williams (37), Rafael Nadal and even Federer himself came in the past already in the enjoyment of this hospitable gesture. “I’ll do that for sure,” said Santana, according to the the Centre Court at the Madrid tournament, meanwhile, is named. “That was always one of the joys of my work. The image of how Rafa is increasing from year to year out of the plane, his bags himself, to pick up on the car, I will never forget.”

“A Final between Roger and Rafa is what everyone wants to see!”

what is Clear is that the six-time Madrid winner Nadal will also play this year, the first violin. “Nadal is the favourite,” says Santana. “Djokovic seems to me to focus more on the Grand Slams.” And Federer, who has won the tournament already three times? “I can say about him is that he is an artist. A Final between Roger and Rafa is what everyone wants to see!”

Still it is not but so far. Whether there is a Final duel between the two Tennis giants is at all possible, decides to go in the draw on Friday evening. For the first time in the use of Federer and co. are at the earliest on Sunday. (EC)