In the Moment of triumph glitter in many of the Tennis Stars, not only the eyes, the Cup transfer, but often a luxury watch on your wrist. The jewelry pieces are popular with Federer, Djokovic and co. On and off the pitch. And they usually have a value.

Roger been closely associated for years with Rolex. For the Wearing of the watches and the corresponding promotional value, he is likely to get, according to estimates, around six million Swiss francs a year. Federer is a Fan of the GMT-Master II, which costs about 14’000 Swiss francs. At the last Wimbledon victory, he wore a Datejust in 2017, a Rolex. Cost, about 6’300 Swiss francs.

One, of the wears during the Matches as currently in Wimbledon, a watch, Rafael Nadal. The Spaniard makes his points with a RM27-03 the Swiss brand Richard Mille. Cost: Misleading 680’000 Swiss Francs!

watch fits specifically to Nadal’s wrist

the clock doesn’t Bother him? Nadal denies and says: “it is very easy, I think only 18 grams. Of course, it is a Sponsor. But it doesn’t matter how much money you pay me. If it doesn’t work perfectly, to insist on the highest level, I would never wear a watch. You have created a very special specimen that adapts very well to my wrist.”

As Nadal Sascha Zverev with Richard Mille is connected to. The German is often with a RM67-02 scan the six digit costs (approximately 130’000 Swiss francs). Defending champion Djokovic is the number 1, but in the case of the watch, he is not playing in the first League. His Seiko Astron is just under 2000 Swiss francs, almost a bargain.

Stan and Serena with the same watch brand

In the women’s Serena Williams stands out. You want to have a Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Shore, with a price of around 56’000 Swiss francs. Also, Stan Wawrinka is one of the ambassadors of this watch brand.

In the case of whom a watch is shiny the next Sunday after the Final? The Swiss Fans had nothing against miss, if it would be a Rolex…

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