Rafael Nadal is preparing for Wimbledon a few weeks after his renewed French Open triumph in London – but initially with major adjustment problems, as a test match has now shown. But his coach remains calm.

Nadal has no chance in the Wimbledon test: Because of his permanent foot problems, tennis superstar Rafael Nadal (36) will start in Wimbledon next week without having played a tournament on grass beforehand. A training match against Poland’s Kamil Majchrzak, in which Nadal had no chance, showed that the Spaniard first had to get used to the green. Nevertheless: Nadal’s companion Francisco Roig is not irritated by this, as he said to “Marca” according to “TennisNet”.

Short, compact, clear

“Different dynamics on grass”: Roig explains Nadal’s adjustment problem: “It’s a bit of the dynamics that we’ve seen in recent years when we’ve come here. It’s difficult for us at the beginning. It’s a completely different dynamic on grass, we haven’t played a tournament on this surface yet.”

Nadal has to “be careful with his foot”: Nadal’s coach goes into detail: “He played four or five days in Mallorca, but one thing is to hit the ball more standing without having to anticipate anything from the opponent than to to play. We had to be careful with the foot and there are bigger goals here, the challenge is bigger.”