Shortly before the US Open last August, receives Caroline Wozniacki, the diagnosis of rheumatoid Arthritis. A chronic inflammatory joint disease that has its origin in a malfunction of the immune system. A shock for the 28-year-old Dane and the current world number 3.

Meanwhile, Wozniacki has gotten the disease, thanks to medicines. In an Interview with “Ekstra Bladet” looks back on the difficult time. “I had pain in the hands, feet, and knees. Shoulders and elbows were worse. I could not brush my teeth or wash your hair,” she says.

“Until now, you had to pause for a day”

Wozniackis brother and a professional football player Patrik (32) is explained in turn in the same sheet: “she says, when she’s in pain, but it seems that it works really well. Until now, she had to pause, a day.”

In Melbourne will take on Wozniacki in the Australian Open as the defending champion. She is a fit and says: “I know what I need to do before and after the Games, so that my body recovers.”

The Dane is not the only Topspielerin, which suffers from an auto-immune disease. Venus Williams (38) rum beats for years with Sjogren’s syndrome with similar symptoms, such as Wozniacki. (rib)