In Beijing, wrote Roger Federer (38, ATP 3) and Stan Wawrinka (34, ATP 17) in the double with the Olympic Gold history. “Fedrinka” made the Swiss at that time, proud. Now both want to be, at least in the single, back to the Olympics.

last week, Federer confirmed in an Exhibition game in Tokyo his intention in coming July in the Japanese capital to be there. However, he does not meet all of the participation criteria of the international Tennis Federation ITF, which require a certain number of Davis Cup inserts for 2016. Since the end of 2015, and the Davis Cup victory, Federer has not played for Switzerland.

Also, the second Top Swiss player, Stan Wawrinka (34, ATP 17), flirts with Olympic participation. In front of the Swiss Indoors Stan in Basel, confirmed: “I have an urge to gamble.” Even if he has to consult with his Team, definitely relating to tournament planning. One way or the other, a Start-up in Tokyo to catch a sub with a hurdle. Because Stan has not pitched since 2015, in the Davis Cup.

Swiss Tennis must appeal inserting

The qualification system for Tokyo but exceptions Federer and Wawrinka entitled to have hope. What is the Whole? In the normal case, the Top 56 in the world qualify in the rank list of 8. June 2020 directly, if you are using the ITF’s criteria. With respect to the number of Davis Cup-part of this has been recorded since the 2016 encounters any of the two, which is why Federer would be excluded Wawrinka on paper, formally of Olympia.

Now the Swiss Tennis comes into play! The bandage is inserted in the connection appeals. Because the ITF is mentioned in the regulations of several factors, which permit an exception, the Board may decide. This will include: The commitment for the Olympic tennis tournament and the Davis Cup, and took part of the player in these competitions.

Wawrinka and Federer have proven in their career, the commitment is sufficient – for example, with the double Gold 2008 or the Davis Cup title 2014 and more than 20 contested Davis Cup.

Recognises the ITF appeals Committee, of which Swiss Tennis is based, would Roger and Stan will once again belong to the 56 directly qualified to the Olympic participants. All’s well that ends well. Because it is virtually impossible that you will fall until June, are still out of the Top 56. Because of the appeals, the Olympic participation of the “Fedrinka is likely to be” until the beginning of July definitely.

fate depends on the ITF ab

The 64-Tableau complete, in Tokyo, eight places, which are distributed to the six continents and the host nation and Olympic Champions/Ex-Grand Slam winner like Federer and Wawrinka are. But here, too, Swiss Tennis would have to insert the first appeal in respect of the unfulfilled Davis Cup criteria.

Here would be a Stan of a losing battle. Because Federer has more Grand Slam victories, he would have preferred in accordance with the regulations. In any case, the Olympic fate of the two Swiss from the ITF depends on the panel.