question for Roger Federer: What are some of the best decisions you have made in your life? The 37-year-old Swiss will respond well to a lot of good decisions like the record-breaking Champ in his career. Then the most Important thing for him to do: “I met Mirka so early, was definitely a happy coincidence!”

this was in The year 2000 in the Olympic village of Sydney. “The start of our love story,” said Federer, who fell immediately in the lovely Miroslava Vavrinec. Mirka took a little longer, until she realized the. His sense of humour conquered but soon her heart. As she is kissing her “Rotschi” for the first Time, Roger is in your eyes “almost a Baby”. And, above all, is neither a Star nor a millionaire.

Today, 19 years later, she is Mrs Federer, the mother of two shared pairs of twins and his better half titles to say on the way, and write 100 Tournament. No secret that Federer appreciates your support incredibly. “You are my life, just a lot of consistency,” he said recently. From Mirka he had learned for the profession a lot: “she was as a player, very professional, what I can’t say the same for me earlier.”

One who testifies, Tony Godsick: “It is no coincidence that Roger never won a tournament before they met,” says the American business man, Federer in 14 years, world-renowned, every year, around 90 million dollars, transferring the brand has made. “A strong decision, I met in the area of Management,” continues to be the world’s richest athletes scoring Basel. Together Godsick and Federer went on to found the marketing Agency “Team 8”, with the help of Roger, according to the Americans, “one day more successful than it is today”.

Then, when the Tennis-Racket stands in the corner. “When it gets to this end, I do not know even where to begin to thank you – so many things went well with the family and friends around me,” says Federer.

Federer and Coaches

Still it is not but so far. The world ranking Fifth, which is launched in the night on today in Miami against the Moldovan No-Name Radu Albot (ATP 46) into the tournament (results on, continues to play at the highest level of Tennis. This is thanks to many other good choices in his career – how clever tournament planning, technical game changes and far-sighted, physical construction work.

“And in the area of Coaching,” adds Federer to the last. Whether his long-time Duo Severin Luthi, and Fitness Guru Pierre Paganini, whether its Temporary Coaches Peter Carter, Peter Lundgren, Paul Annacone, Tony Roche, Stefan Edberg or Ivan Ljubicic – they all contributed their part to the Federer Puzzle. Roger: “Even if my choice always seemed logical, and I’ve made mistakes: I always wanted to be respectful of me and of my heart.”
This has led him to luck to Mirka.