After his 101. Tournament victory in Miami at the end of March Roger Federer crashes in his latest adventure. In Madrid, he starts from the 5. May on Sand for the first time in three years. After the defeat in the quarter-finals of Rome in 2016 (against Thiem) tweaked the back. Federer said for the French Open, and avoided in subsequent years, the clay season completely. This year, it wants to know the Maestro. He plans to do with the tournament in Madrid and the French Open. At best, Rome. In order to be prepared, toils, he since the beginning of the month, among other things, with his fitness coach Pierre Paganini.

About a week. Where he graduated from in the last days of this short vacation, the first small training units – so that the shock body is to big, when it really gets going. On 6. or 7. April, we started with the normal program. Since then, we train regularly in the Grisons and in the Zurich area. I commute like to and fro.

In this Phase, it is important that Roger also comes enough to play tennis. But we started with the conditions. A complex structure in which we must not allow ourselves to get bogged down, but the key points hard and consistently to deepen. the

to explain It is to specific to the. In the endurance, power, agility and explosiveness, there are many sub-factors. To train all, this is the stage before Madrid. And in between, he should get enough days off. You are a part of the Training and are not to celebrate there, but for the recovery of previous training sessions and prepare for the next day. For the harmony in the exercise of the right Moment is for free days according to important. Roger, this requires a great deal of flexibility. And for the fact that he has such a big family, it has mastered the model.

Crucial is the fact that he has been denied for a long time, no Competition on clay. This is why season is different from the preparation for turf or Hard, where he has regularly played in tournaments. Before the clay season, we need to give him more time to comply with certain topics. It must not be forgotten: Roger has trained in life-so much so that the pre-loading of the body must always be taken into account. For this, he has in Dani Troxler fortunately, a good Physio. the

Our work lasts until 5. May. So it is still too early to claim that. As desired, it is only when the results are good. But we had a good start. Nice to see Rogers looking forward to the clay court. He goes to the Training of a child who is happy on the first school trip, it was madness! This enthusiasm is to be felt, has a great influence on the quality of training.

the winning that counts?
In Roger’s enthusiasm is always the same size as the ambition and Vice versa. This has nothing to do with the pad, but with Tennis being in love. I think Roger can tear on any surface big results. He goes to every tournament, as it would be the first and also the last. In the Here and Now, he always sets everything on a map. What is next week is anybody’s guess.

I am not of the opinion, fundamentally. Each location has its pitfalls. On Sand, quadriceps, and adductors are required specifically, the lower back area on the grass and the foot, knee and hip joints on hard pavement. The is Tennis. For this purpose, each body has other vulnerabilities and Strengths, on different documents-prone. A Rafael Nadal feels great on Sand better protected, his knee pain more on hard surface. Some injuries you can’t handle, but I think that we can prevent with a tailor-made Training much.

days ago, it is now that Federer playing his last game on the Sand best. In Rome he lost on 12. May 2016 through to the second round against Dominic Thiem.

tournaments won by Federer so far on the Sand, the last of 2015 in Istanbul.

minutes Federer in Sand-Playing in the square. That’s the equivalent of about 19 days non-stop.

Federer’s longest game took place on the Sand. In 2006, he lost the Rome Final after epic battle against Rafael Nadal after five hours in five sets.

Basically, I have my training method and philosophy. This I do not change, but I adapt them to the Strengths and weaknesses, as well as the physical and also in-game requirements of the player. Stan and Roger are two very different athletes, both of which are long on the Tour. It is important that we distribute the part of similar Exercises different, and dosing.

He was injured in the course of his career, only rarely and generally not more often on a certain surface. Important for a brake pad change is in the head quickly to something New, so you in the implementation of the right reflexes. Fortunately, this is one of Rogers ‘ most underrated qualities. His ability to adapt is fascinating. I’m in Training to be a variant, he finds within a few seconds the optimal design. I want to be not just loving with him, but he is also intelligent! Roger is much more strategic than you think. His playing is very spontaneous, but in the advance he always makes a lot of thought.

distorted … Sure, if he reaches to the calf, I hope immediately that him, a mosquito stung, and not a muscle tweaked. Generally speaking, anyone who supports Roger feels, the Same thing: be lucky if he plays, and nervousness if all goes well. We who work with him, know what goes on behind the Scenes. We can see immediately if he has a super day or a moderate, or difficult. Based on this information, we often react even more sensitive.

I have the privilege of him since he was 14. To know years old and since the age of 19 to work with him – because you feel certain things, and recognizes a lot of in Rogers. To do this, he is not afraid, but also the dialogue. He is very professional information.

not at all, he is totally open! He likes to talk, and it’s good for him. I’ve seen how Roger had to give up after a tennis training an Interview, although he was very tired. After that, he came into the fitness training and was no longer tired. That means that he draws energy from conversations. This is one of the reasons why his career is taking so long: He’s taking out of any Situation something Positive.