last Sunday, Novak Djokovic (32) triumphed after a Five-hour battle against Roger Federer (37) for the fifth Time in Wimbledon. It is already 16. Grand-Slam Victory. The price of money-the yield of his glorious career, he screwed on a whopping 132’600’000 Swiss francs. So you can treat yourself to quite one or the other lovely place to Stay.

such As, for example, his new dream apartment in the US state of Florida. 6.5 million francs to the Serbian Tennis Star can jump. “I love the Design of this building. It is an unexpected location in a neighborhood that is growing quickly. And that has moved me to buy something here,” says the “betting” in a message.

The house is situated in a 35 hectare Park, and offers breathtaking views of Miami Beach. Also jewelry: the huge panoramic balcony. Click through the gallery to catch a touch of pure luxury.