He is the absolute high-Flyer, this Tennis-summer in North America. Daniil Medvedev the big Stars with his successful tournaments in the shade.

In Washington and Montreal fails, the 23-year-old Russian in the Finals in Cincinnati, he sits up on Sunday with his first Masters title, the crown. On the way there, he fails in the semi-final, the world number 1, Novak Djokovic.

Medvedev’s wage is ATP rank five, as well as never. No other professional has this year won as many Matches as he (44 victories). The number two Rafa follows Nadal with 41 Victories.

Medvedev is part of the US Open favourites

With his strong hard court form of Medvedev addition to the Established Djokovic, Nadal and Federer the favourites to win at the US Open starting next week. One of the reasons for its boom Medvedev in his youth, love and current wife, Daria, as he himself explains.

Last September, got married the two. Before that, they were already four years a Couple of. As Medvedev also Daria is originally from Moscow. He holds large pieces on top of her.

“Daria is one of the most important members of my team. She gave me a lot of confidence. I always say that it was the Moment when I proposed to her, as it went with me up,” says Medvedev recently. She keeps him in the back.

“Daria makes a lot to me”

The high-Flyer praises his wife in the highest terms. “She is doing very much for me, so I play better Tennis. I speak of little things in life that would distract me. You care and I just play Tennis and win Matches,” said Medvedev.

Not only the wedding and the quiet of private life has helped him but on the way to the top in the world. Medvedev has lived since soon a year and a half professional because he has changed his diet, and on sweets strictly avoided. At the US Open, he will be a serious title candidate. (rib)