No other Tennis professional is so tight with the tournament in Halle (De), that is, recently, “Noventi Open” and not “Gerry Weber Open”, connected as Roger Federer. Nine Times he has won since 2003 in the Westphalian small-town of the Cup, it was also three times in the Final.

The turf tournament is, as ever, a fixture in the schedule for Federer’s. Also next week, he hits back. The appreciation for Federer since 2012 in the Roger-Federer-Allee, which leads directly to the Haller stadium.

How to admire long, the Fans in the hall to Federer, no one knows exactly. For tournament boss Ralf Weber (55) but is no doubt that it will not be this year, the last appearance.

In the “Westfalen-Blatt” says Weber: “as Long as Roger feels that he can win the title and the Big beat, he will not stop, in my view, from today to tomorrow. Therefore, I think that he plays, in any case, even in 2020, maybe 2021 for us.”

“A successor, it will not> give”

Nevertheless, the tournament boss has the firm will to use the personality of Roger Federer, even after his resignation for his tournament. Weber, already the commitment to Federer’s, as he reveals in the “Westfalen-Blatt”.

“For the future in the long term

” mount “As it will definitely give a further cooperation. I spoke to Roger and his Manager already. But everything is possible, you must discuss this in peace, if it is so far. Since I also have issues that go far beyond a campaign. It would, of course, the Best that can happen to us if we could add it in some Form for the future in the long term,” said the German.

Gets Roger in the hall what has he got in his Basel home in the Swiss Indoors, for example, yet promised? For example, the Post of the tournament Director. (rib)