And again a record. Also this year, the Grand Slam tournament is Wimbledon. The organizers announce that the Total prize money will be the oldest tennis tournament in the world, 50 million Swiss francs (38 million pounds). Compared to 2018, an increase of 11.8 percent.

Also, for the winner there is more to it. Roger Federer could be in a possible 9. Wimbledon-victory 3.12 million Swiss francs for the benefits. At the time of his first Triumph at Church Road in 2003, Federer 764’000 Swiss francs cashed in. 2018 there was to 2.99 million for the winner of Djokovic.

The development of the price funds, is progressing in Tennis, so rapidly. 10 years ago it was not at Wimbledon to win once again a third of the current total sum. 16,68 million francs in 2009. For the winners, there were 1.13 million.

equality between men and women since 2007

What remains the same: women and men receive money for the same price. Since 2007, all four Grand Slams for women and men to win all the same. The US Open, had introduced the levelness in 1973, the Australian Open followed suit in 2001, French Open and Wimbledon followed suit in 2007.

The best pay at the end of the tournament are also likely to be 2019, the U.S. Open. The prize money for this year are not yet known. Last year, the organizers in New York poured out, but already more than 53 million Swiss francs – 3,86 million for the winner. (sme)