Fabio Fognini (31) has made in Tennis has made a name as a Bad Boy. Racket smash? With referees slag each other off? Unmotivated around shuffle? All this belongs as much to him as the reputation of a sloppy genius. Last Fognini low won the 1000 tournament in Monte Carlo, in the semi-final he was on the way to the Triumph, among other things, Sand king, Rafael Nadal.

With his victory on the Cote d’azur Fognini made history. Never before an Italian won in 1990, introduced a series a title. Maybe he was in an Interview with “Le Iene” is particularly loose. The husband of the Ex-Grand Slam champion Flavia Pennetta (37) reveals: “We have 12 to 15 Times per week Sex.” During tournaments it was less, “seven to eight Times,” said Fognini.

But not immediately before a game, or? “But. I can only recommend.”

Fognini and Pennetta are married since June of 2016. They have a son, Federico, in may, he is two years old. Fognini talks in an Interview from the school. “Flavia has made the first step,” he says. On the question of his preferred position in the game of love, he responds: “Classic, I like simple things.”

Fognini looks back to the time before his relationship with Penetta. The first kiss? “15.” For the first Time? “17.” Shoe size: “43.” What is it with the Latter? The follow-up question in the Interview: Big feet big Penis? Fognini with a grin. “I Don’t Know.” There are tennis players with very little “thugs”? Now he has to laugh: “The Chinese!”

Later, Fognini takes on a Ping-Pong game against the Moderator. And must bare, more and more, because it takes some balls. At the end of the Model-as an Athlete, Fognini only in under pants – no Problem, after all, he was with Pennetta in intimate Laundry can be mapped. (red)