He can’t just leave it! Another Time, Nick Kyrgios makes up with his rowdy behavior in the headlines. After he was last in Wimbledon, caused a stir because it left out during the second-round match against Rafael Nadal hardly a provocation, and then also in the press conference against the Spaniards etched, is his latest victim, once again, Novak Djokovic.

That he is not with the Serbs in the hay at the same stage, is not known. In may, Kyrgios said in an Interview with the New York Times about Djokovic: “He is a sick obsessed detention thereof, to be loved. He wants to be like Roger (Federer).” And further: “He does not want to be liked, that I can’t stand him. And how he rejoices, is so embarrassing.”

Now, the 24-Year-old provoked a second Time, and shows how little respect he has in front of current world number 1. On Instagram Kyrgios posts a Video in which he paints the words “Novak” with a black pen by. And he does not somewhere, but on the Shirt of one of the Fans. When he is asked to make a large X about it, can Kyrgios do not need to be asked twice. Satisfied with his work, he turns to the camera and says: “I think of you. And your Shirt is gone now.” Meanwhile, the Australian has deleted the Video.

What Djokovic of it, is not known. The Serb is on vacation and may know nothing of this action. And maybe he would give an answer also prefer the place. For it is there that he has open with Kyrgios anyway still a bill: In a direct comparison of the Bad Boy 2:0 lead.

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