Ten-year girl raped, almost killed with a rock and buried alive

In the Indian state of Rajasthan a ten-year girl was beaten, raped and buried alive. The girl survived, but was in the hospital in serious condition, writes the Times Of India.

the incident occurred on the evening of 3 February. A group of young men attacked the girl when she came out of the house to a nearby store. She was taken to an abandoned building and raped, and then repeatedly struck with a stone on the head. When the victim lost consciousness, the rapists tried to bury it. The relatives of the girl, not waiting for her home, began looking.

the accident was reported to the police. Soon militiamen detained 21-the summer young man living in the neighborhood with the victim.

In January 2019, India has been listed as the most dangerous for women of the world. Moreover, the state entered into the top three. Here women often experience physical, psychological and domestic violence and also victims of crimes against sexual integrity.