Sylvia Hilpert Hauser (31) has one of the most beautiful jobs of Switzerland. Not 20 feet in front of your shop window, of the lake of Brienz begins. From the workbench you will see the Schwarzhorn and faulhorn. Many would probably have trouble concentrating on the Büez.

However, Hilpert Hauser would not do the Job also, if the view of the urgency of a post card. She is a wood sculptor, carving Christmas market, Mary and Joseph figures at the company Huggler in Brienz BE. “I love my Job, the creativity, the Material,” she says, as a LOOK at company to visit her in the workshop.

No recruitment problems

but Above all, Hilpert Hauser would probably find no other place. The competition for Jobs in this industry is large, unlike other crafting professions, you have no talent problems.

“That sounds good, but is sad”, says Heinz Linder (37), Hilpert Hauser’s boss. “Because it comes out per year, only a handful of new wood sculptor on the labour market.” Namely, those who complete the school for wood sculpture. She stands a few meters away also in Brienz. To do this, someone completes all four years of his apprenticeship at Huggler. “There are not enough Places for all the New.”

around 1900, were discovered alone in the Region of Brienz 2000 people to the profession. At the time, ornate wood furniture en vogue and Brienz – the man looks at his Chalet that, even today, the main town of Carver. Today, the professional Association is one of Switzerland’s still a good 100 members. Many of them have a second Brotjob.

Huggler is the whole year, Christmas

The only large company that has survived, Huggler. 17 people work there, with an annual turnover of stable almost one Million Swiss francs. The Rest of the wood sculptor in Switzerland, individual fighters are. Repair old furniture, beat busts made of wood trunks, carve special designs.

all the wood sculptor to do at Huggler sometimes. However, the most popular products here are the Nativity scenes and the accompanying figures, in all sorts of colors, sizes and shapes. You will also be pre – produced in the spring and summer at Huggler the whole year is on Christmas.

Until three years ago, the business belonged to the descendants of Hans Huggler-Wyss (1877-1947), who had founded the company in 1900. Then the company bought them Linder, along with his partner, a wood sculptor. “We are not of it, but it is a wonderful task,” he says.

Show-carving in addition to the sale of

is for the economic aspects of responsible. He is not optimistic for the future: “The customer’s way to die for us. There are many families in Switzerland, also young, in which you give from the Tradition of wooden figures.” It would add about ten percent of exports, mainly to Germany and the USA. “With the strong franc can afford only Wealthy our products.”

Huggler products give: If Sylvia Hilpert Hauser carves a Starter Set with a Christmas market in the manger, Mary and Joseph, it will cost less than 500 francs. The Holzkuh will cost about 200 francs. The counterpart from the factory of Alps-bard Marc Trauffer (39) only costs a Zwanzigernötli.

The reason: The Trauffer wooden toys sawing AG in Hofstetten near Brienz and grinds, the company Huggler carving with the chisel a much more detailed product. “Trauffer sells toys, we are art.” So that the customer can have the looks and the high price, works Hilpert Hauer in the room directly next to the sale. The door is open, so customers see you at work.

handmade may be more expensive

without Show the work in the main workshop of the Huggler, a multi-storey house 300 meters from the Store:

Hans Ulrich Fischer (66) boards, however, sawing of rough blocks of thick Linden wood. Everywhere wood chips are in the air, the sweet-harsh smell of wood work.

At a so-called copy-milling machine, he harnesses each of eight of the wooden blocks. For this purpose, a model figure, the contours of which follow a model-head. Eight heads and the other eight wooden blocks are connected and milling in the same Form. Come out of so-called blanks.

Walter Zeier (62), for 30 years in the company, carved the blanks into the final shape.

Priska Bieri (21) and Franziska Venrath (53) paint the figures.

Two and a half hours of hand work by the block of wood until the finished crib figure in the cut. No wonder, it costs much more than the figurine of Trauffer. And much more than the cheap copies from Eastern Europe and the far East.

However, Instead of the copy milling machine you could also use controlled by a computer, the final product would be tupfgenau the same, but significantly cheaper. Why don’t you do that? Linder: “The customers appreciate it, to know that we make everything by Hand. For this you pay a bit more.”