On the island of temptation, it is always wild!

When “Temptation Island” put four couples for two weeks, their love to the test by testing separately their Loyalty. This candidate Calvin (27), however, neatly falter, because the Party Promoter can’t keep his fingers from the sexy Single women – especially of seductress Roxy (26).

in the first episode the two of them had come in the hot tub closer, now Calvin took advantage of the next opportunity to lend a Hand. In the case of a “Flushed”-Party he poured out Roxy neat Oil into the Bikini-cleavage, to RUB then up and down, gleefully so. “It would be interesting, what says his friend,” mused the brunette, but the 27-Year-old was unaware of any wrongdoing. “Lotion is not Cheating,” said Calvin shoulder clearly twitching.