Last year, the SBB have wiped out the hope of Gianni Chiellini* (54). “Other applications that match the job profile even better,” writes the path in a refusal of his application as an employee cleaning specialist. Chiellini said: “There is probably no that knows all the different aspects of the Zugreinigung as well as I do. I’m doing it for 16 years as a Temporary, and could it in my sleep.”

but The worst part is that you can promise him that he would soon be employed. “However, if a spot is open, I get them anyway. Why should I believe now?”

In contrast, a statement from the SBB spokesman Christian Ginsig is in the Sunday view. “We are also interested in the future, to retain technically competent staff with a long-term commitment to the SBB, because we feel the shortage of skilled workers,” he said in the context of intumescent temporary figures for the SBB.

the period of notice not exceeding one month,

This has risen in four years to 380 3253 in the year 2018. And a number: The SBB have retracted last week, also thanks to its austerity programme Railfit 20/30 a record profit of 568 million Swiss francs. But at whose expense?

temporary workers are paid differently than permanent employees with no fixed salary, but earn per hour. The more you work, the more you get. The employer pays for temporary workers in the case of a Top result, like last year, no Bonus. The period of notice depending on length of Employment up to a Maximum of a month. The GA, which most of the employees receive free of charge, must pay a Temporary from the bag.

VIEW hits Chiellini to his residence, a small town in the middle of the country, for a coffee. He is afraid that the SBB or the competent temporary office to find out his identity and kick him out. People who are employed for such a long time temporarily, there is probably not many. Therefore, VIEWS of more accurate information as to his Person waived.

Chiellini passes to VIEW the documents in support of his case. Including not only the employment are evidence of the contracts for the temporary office in different locations, but also training confirmations and excellent work.

“As a blatant case I have) never

seen” “I knew of people who were employed up to ten years in the case of the SBB temporarily,” says Jürg Hurni (57), Secretary of the trade Union of transport personnel (SEV. “But as a blatant case I’ve ever seen.” A large Problem is, among other things, that many of the Temporary aufzumucken trust, because you and your families, this is a Job to be dependent. The trade unionists called the Save of the SBB on the hump of the Weakest “shabby and a former Federal operation unworthy”.

a VIEW of confronting the SBB with the extreme case of Gianni Chiellini. SBB spokesman Ginsig refers to a separate supplemental agreement between the social partners and the SBB to the CEA, which has entered into force in 2015. There is that temporary employees shall receive, after four years of a permanent position, if a position is free. Only problem is that Chiellini is it tried in 2012, and 2016, respectively, during a few months with a different employer and then switched back to the SBB. In the four years he couldn’t come.

to see The constant fear in the neck

Even more stupid for him: In the new CBA, which occurs in may, is the Four-years clause. Trade unionists Hurni explains: “We noticed that the Temporary were replaced shortly before Reaching the four years. So, this scheme brought in hardly anything.” Instead, you have been able to prevail elsewhere, for example in the case of the upper limit of four percent Temporary the SBB personnel.

Chiellini all of which brings nothing. “The SBB in Switzerland, a flagship operation, and agrees with large Parts of that too,” he says. In particular, in the cleaning, it’ll be injustice but on a regular basis. “If I would finally have a permanent job, I would live exactly the same. Except that I no longer have this constant fear in the neck.”