When the band “Florence

An earthquake in Berlin? On Friday evening, the site “erdbebennews.de” suddenly registered many inquiries from the capital. Around 9 p.m., users reported noticeable vibrations around Tempelhofer Feld.

The operator of the site, geoscientist Jens Skapksi, investigated. “Normally we don’t have any earthquakes in Berlin,” he told the “rbb”. “That’s why I wanted to know more about it.”

A look at the data then brought clarification: At exactly 8:58 p.m., seismological stations registered an above-average deflection with a magnitude of 1.4 on the local magnitude scale, as he writes on Twitter. “It’s equivalent to a small earthquake.”

But there was no natural reason for this. The tremors were triggered by the thousands of visitors to the rock festival “Tempelhof Sounds”. Exactly at the time of the shaking earth, the band “Florence

Underneath Skapksi’s post, a Twitter user clarified: “By Florence

According to geoscientist Skapksi, the soil on the Tempelhof field is also responsible for the earthquake. This was able to absorb and pass on the energy of the jumping masses well. As a result, the vibrations were still felt two kilometers away.