the Surprise out of Washington: US President Donald Trump (72) was on the phone on Friday for over an hour with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin (66). It had been a “long and very good conversation”, let Trump on Twitter. His press spokeswoman Sarah Sanders spoke of a “productive” conversation.

In the 60 minutes discussed Trump and Putin several tricky topics. The interference of Russia in the U.S. election campaign, however, came to the language.

Russia-Report of special investigator Mueller

The call is the first known communication between the two presidents, since the results of the Russia-special investigator Robert Mueller have been published in mid-March. The topic was only touched on briefly.

“We talked about it and he smiled and said something in the sense that it began as a mountain and as a mouse ended. But he knew, because he knew that there was no collusion,” said Trump to reporters.

crisis in Venezuela

The political power struggle in Venezuela had led to significant tensions between Washington and Moscow. The United States supports in the months of the ongoing power struggle with the leader of the opposition, and even the transitional President Juan Guaidó, Russia called behind the left-wing leader Nicolás Maduro.

Apparently, Trump and Putin were able to smooth the waters a bit. “He’s not planning at all, in Venezuela continue to interfere. He wants to see how I would be a positive development for the people,” says Trump. The two discussed the apparently humanitarian aid. “At the Moment the people are starving. You have no water, they have no food,” said Trump.

What, and whether the United States and Russia have decided to concrete assistance measures, said the US President but is open.

New nuclear deal

In February, Trump has the important Treaty on nuclear medium-range systems (INF) with Russia terminated. During the telephone call, it went directly to this disarmament Treaty, but it appears that Washington is showing an effort, a still existing contract to extend.

Trump and Putin had discussed “the current nuclear deal to expand”, said press spokesperson for Sanders. She left it open, with which the existing contract was concerned. According to their statements the two presidents have also brought the idea into the game, China as a third party address.

North Korea

After Trump met twice with Kim Jong-Un, had in April said his first Tête-à-Tête with North Korea’s rulers.

If the two cleared up about the latest steps in the Negotiations, is unclear. According to the press spokeswoman for Sanders, the two presidents have reaffirmed their commitment, as well as the need for the denuclearization of North Korea.

In the night of Saturday – only a few hours after the phone call between Trump and Putin North Korea has carried out for the first time in 2017 and again test the missile.