the telecom provider Telenet has found a solution for its pay-tv channels doing some Sports. Subscribers to the pay there will be € 24.95 per month to watch live sport on show, but because of the coronacrisis as well as all of the sporting events in the coming months will be cancelled. Therefore, the company on Thursday announced that it will be in april and may for three sports channels will be supplemented with films and series, and Play More, which is the other pay-tv channels by Provider.

“Play Sports, channels 5 through 8 for the channel number 204 to 207) will be filled with movies and series, Play, More,”, says my provider. “This will give these customers access to movies such as ‘Diego Maradona’ and ‘the Driver’ (from 5/4), in addition to, of course, are also quite a few blockbusters (such as Men in Black: the International, Dragged Across the Concrete, and Rocketman), and kids ‘ titles such as The Secret Life of Pets is 2).” Telenet will also continue their own training programmes, such as Match, Sport, T1, or The Canteen, broadcasting, and the late, legendary games show.

with The transition from Play to Sports to Play, More will be the customers, there is something for them to do so. Each subscriber is personally notified by e-mail. Customers in addition to Play Sports all Play, the More were given as compensation to five vouchers for a recently released movie of your choice to purchase the TV library.