The introduction of the new 5G mobile standard is hot controversial. A month ago, several Thousand people in Bern had protested against it. 5G was “a crime against human rights,” it said.

Now, the opponents of a national referendum Seriously: Since today you have to collect signatures for a popular initiative “For a health-friendly and energy-efficient mobile radio”.

The most important points in it:

The investment limits for non-ionising radiation may not be increased. This prohibition shall also not be due to new measurement procedures will be circumvented.New is the provision of mobile radio and Internet to be divided into outside and inside. The performance of mobile wireless stations, and wireless local area networks would have to be set at a acceptance so that the radiation, the building envelope can not penetrate. In the interior, a radio data transmission to be transferred through fiber – optic or coaxial cable. Say: The phone would be used in the rule, only outside, inside the fixed network. Non-visible transmission stations should be marked and their data published.If telecommunications companies want to set up new facilities or the performance of existing plants increase, you would need to obtain the written consent of the local residents in a radius of 400 meters.Further, the Initiative of the seats in public transport, in which the use of electronic devices is prohibited requires.In public buildings and rooms are to be furnished, free of electromagnetic radiation. Telecom industry defends itself against the Initiative

The catalogue of demands is chasing the 5G-friends a cold shiver down the spine. “The Initiative is absurd,” says Peter Grütter, President of the Swiss Association of telecommunications (Asut), to VIEW. “That would be hot to use the Swiss mobile networks and over 11 million mobile connections in practice.”

the local communication on the count of infrastructure is currently one of the best in the world. “It is an important location factor and contributes significantly to the quality of life,” says Grütter. The Association wants this to stay this way. Therefore, this set the limits based on the precautionary principle and the recommendations of the world health organization would be adapted to the state-of-the-art technology.

A Yes to the Initiative, if it comes someday, it would be for the industry to be a disaster: “The Initiative would return Switzerland in the digital stone age,” said Grütter. “It runs completely counter to the technological development.”

This worldwide in the direction of Integration and fusion of Fix and Mobile. The Initiative’s goal of separation to Indoor and Outdoor “would not only meet the industry in the marker, but the Switzerland isolate technologically and from the Rest of the world to decouple,” said Grütter.

founders want to be “forced radiation” finish

The 5G mobile standard that makes mobile Surfing on the Internet around 100 Times faster than 4G. In addition, the response times are much shorter, which is a prerequisite for Autonomous Driving, networked cars, and other technologies. On the other hand, the high frequencies are less well inside the building to penetrate and, therefore, tends to be higher transmitting power or in a dense network are necessary.

The initiators want to put an end to your desire for the “forced irradiation of the population,” as co-founder of the Ursula Niggli says. The collection period runs until February 15. April 2021.