After the violent death of two young girls in Israel have demonstrated thousands of people in Tel Aviv against violence against women. Several women’s organisations have demanded of the government to the equivalent of almost 60 million euros for a programme for the protection of women, as Israeli media reported.

According to the organizers, came in the evening, at least 20,000 people in the Central Rabin square, as the news site ynet reported. Women held signs with inscriptions in Hebrew and Arabic: “women are murdered, the government remains silent” and “The blood of women is not cheap”, it said. They called on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Act. Activists were about 200 red-colored Pair of shoes, which should symbolize violence against women, in addition, demonstrators blocked great cross. “We had to do something Radical,” said one of the organizers, Ruti Small.

Last week, a 12-year-old girl was killed in Tel Aviv, allegedly by the Ex-boyfriend of the mother. A 16-year-old girl had been found in the North of the country dead, after it had been several days missing. The police took several Suspects.

organisers are calling for action plan against violence against women

Also in the Rest of the country, many people protested. In Jerusalem, about injected protesters red paint on a road, the signs with the names of the killed women were. At the country-wide protests by religious and non-religious Israelis, Jews and Arabs were involved. About 300 companies and public bodies supported the protests. Some of the company shares the women to participate in the demonstrations.

The organisations had already been called during the day to strike. They are demanding that the government, in the past year, announced the action plan to combat violence against women. The government had approved a programme with an appropriate Budget already in 2017, but the money was not provided, told the Israeli Radio.

Since the beginning of the year in Israel, according to media 24 women’s reports in total, according to domestic violence died. According to the lawyer, and co-organizer Keren Greenblatt, around 200,000 women are exposed to in Israel per year, in addition to violence due to their gender. “We hope to shake up, everyone,” she said before the protests. “It is time that we put our differences aside and fight together, to make attention to this Problem.”