head coach of “Spartacus” Domenico Tedesco did not rule out returning to the main part of the midfielder Ayaz Guliyev previously sent to the second team for disciplinary violations.

As stated Tedesco reporters, in theory, the player has a chance to return to the lineup. Earlier media reported that the footballer had violated the discipline in relation with a representative of the coaching staff, and was sent in “Spartak-2”.

“”Spartak” has had problems with Guliyev, now he is not in “Spartak-2″. What happens in the team stays in the team, we do not Express information to the outside, said Tedesco. – At the moment we are not planning that this player will return to the team, but anything can happen. Doors are always open”.

the mentor red-white spoke about the willingness of the midfielder Zelimkhan Bakaev, who had previously been exposed to coronavirus. According to coach, the tank is significantly behind in the preparation.

“it’s One thing when you’re running around the house and I do the elliptical, another when working in the field with the ball. It is a completely different performance: acceleration, braking, change of directions,” he said.

the Coach added that the players are in good condition, and Bakayev still have another week to improve the condition.