Cropped shot of a young female nurse taking care of an elderly male resident

Technology, no doubt, has already shown its potential across all industries. It is now to wait and see what else technology can do to the people, the businesses as well as to the world. Home health care industry is no exception and in fact it is the most affected industry due to technology and its use.

Now you get the best surgical devices and machinery, medicines, processes that are less or not painful and most importantly elder citizens can now lead their lives more happily and independently.

According to AARP it is found that:

  • About 90% of seniors in the US are more inclined to stay in their homes as they age and
  • This is a popular option for seniors of both urban and rural areas.

The idea of the seniors to age in place help them to live their remaining life without any or lot of assistance.

The major concerns

Well, spending the rest of the life in the place you already live in may be a popular choice but not living in a healthcare environment can come with a lot of inherent risks. This is where the home health care servicescome in as a rescue.

The ever-growing elder population, thanks to the advancements in the medical science that has prolonged life, aging in their homes raises the concern over their health and safety.

  • This is because the homes that they live in are typically not designed for their current lifestyle and
  • The cost of renovating the home to make it livable for them can be stupendous.

Many seniors however do not have any access to or cannot afford to have health-care professionals or caretakers on a day-to-day basis. These are the people who are more prone to accidents and falls, which is one of the major concerns for the elders living alone.

Use of gerotechnology

With the growing popularity of seniors for aging in place, technology can come to a lot of help apart from the health care professionals.

One such useful technology is the gerotechnology can help seniors to live in their homes ensuring ease and safety.

  • Geron-technology, which is also called gerotechnology, is usually an aide that helps in the promotion of human health and overall well-being.
  • It relates to both human development as well as aging with a specific objective to compress morbidity.
  • It also results in the increase in vitality, self-sufficiency and quality of life of the seniors all through their remaining life-span.

Therefore, if you are reaching 65, it is time that you focus on this specific technology along with a few others that are all designed to assist people in aging in place.

Wearable tech devices

These wearable technology devices will monitoryour movements. These types of devices are becoming extremely popular among people of all populations. This is because it also tracks and monitors your health. For the senior populations who are aging in place particularly those people who are aging without any caretaker or home care professional at home, this technology can be lifesaving.

According to research, falls among seniors of 65 years or more are a leading cause of death. The fall alerts are a popular gerotechnologythat now comes with improved features in spite of being around for quite some time now can be a lot of help for these seniors. The uniqueness of these alert systems that follows a simple principle and technology is that:

  • It can automatically alert a close family member or 911 at the very moment a senior fall
  • In situations where the seniors are aging-in-place that has stairs inside, these are and invaluable device that can really prove to be lifesaving.

Apart from fall alerts, there are also a few other wearable devices that can ensure the safety and health of the seniors who are aging in place. One such wearable technology is the smartwatch. This device can even collect health data apart from detecting falls. You can use your smartwatch to check your heart rate as well as step exercise at any time. This feature is especially helpful for those seniors who are still active,

The healthy technologies

It is said that the healthy technologies bring the doctors to you, and literally so. Aging in place has one specific benefit which is you get to stay with the same community that you have been living with for years and are so used to it. The people, the surroundings, the environment and even the dog is known to you.

In most of the cases it is seen that the seniors who want to age in place wants to be healthy, fit and fine. Therefore, they are keen on maintaining an active lifestyle for as long as possible. However, for most of the seniors, mobility becomes a severe issue once they cross 65 years so much so that it becomes really difficult to even see a doctor in his or her office.


For these people the technology comes to the rescue saving them from the tedious process. It is seen now that most of the doctors, especially those who have their offices far off from the city now provides tips and suggestions through video consultation.

  • This is extremely helpful for those seniors who cannot make it to the doctor’s office for an appointment.
  • This technology is also ideal for those seniors who are aging in place and are suffering from minor ailments that do not need any in-person visit by the doctor.

It makes then diagnosis and treatment process much faster and low-cost.

Moreover, medication regimens can really be difficult for the seniors to follow. There is also a fair chance of misuse of the prescription drugs that may lead to negative health consequences. There is one specific technology that can resolve this issue for the seniors especially those who are at home without any assistance or a professional are giving services.

This technology which is on the rise is called the pill counters that are specifically designed to alert the seniors and at the same time properly dispense all the medications they require to be taken at once.