Team Russia remained at the 38th place in the FIFA rankings

During the reporting period was played just four games, all of them friendly. Moreover, two of them managed to take part of Panama. The only country that changed the attitude of South Sudan, stepping away from the 169-th line by one point ahead. If we talk about the points changes, the most points – three – scored Belarus and Uzbekistan most of all lost – three.

as for the national team of Russia, she with 1470 points left on 38th place. In March wards Stanislaus cherchesova was to hold two friendly matches against Sweden and Moldova, but both were postponed because of the epidemic COVID-19.

Photo: EPA-EFE/ROBERT GHEMENT UEFA can reduce the number of cities which will host Euro-2020

Top 10 of FIFA rankings

1. Belgium (1765 points)

2. France (1733)

3. Brazil (1712)

4. England (1661)

5. Uruguay (1645)

6. Croatia (1642)

7. Portugal (1639)

8. Spain (1636)

9. Argentina (1623)

10. Columbia (1622)