woman Bachmayer is mid-30’s and a teacher. She loves her Job – but of course, you go to your students and colleagues sometimes right on the cookie. In the PICTURE you can chat every Friday from the school.

Since you would, however, like to keep your Job, blogging anonymously as a woman Bachmayer. But their stories are real stories of a guaranteed real teacher – the often sitting between all chairs.

Since we are not allowed to meet us at our school, I will perform with my fellow Table mates a Skype-conference. My colleague Steffi can’t believe the graduation and final examinations should be held according to the current condition. “Then I’ll get sick!”, she says. “We teachers should boycott the ceremony. After all, I am not permanently in a domestic quarantine to me in the trials to infect. I don’t see!“ My colleague, Roswitha has other concerns, namely that infects you before the exams in the holiday care during the Easter holidays. I’m trying both to calm down, but the fear among many of my colleagues runs very deep.

holiday care Yes, but how will it run?

According to the circular, the schools are supposed to let a emergency care in the holidays for children of parents from proven in Occupations in the field of critical infrastructure (Doctors, nurses, police, customs etc.) apply. The children may be cared for in small groups of one to two students from us teachers. The principal of our school relies on voluntary participation. Therefore, I register for one day in the Easter holidays on a voluntary basis.

“Until now, we have no applications from parents for the holiday care”, tells us the principal of our school in an Online Meeting. But that can change at any time. However, I fear that most of the parents rather choose other ways of care, so that their children could not infect other children in the school.