The teacher assistant in the faculty of communication sciences of Ghent university, which is in a market with college students, police officers had been insulted, to have resigned, and the vice-chancellor, the resignation will be accepted. That is, it was heard at the university of Ghent. One of the teachers had a “Sieg Heil” at the cops was called in and the “welcome to nazi Germany, when the police tussenkwam for a report of a noise.

The professor and the assistant held in the night from Friday to Saturday, with a live-streamed with other students. In response to a complaint about the noise, they were at around 1.30 am, the police at the door. The market continued to be active during the police intervention, that is, about twenty minutes. Initially, there were two cops, but one of the students had his / her identity card to the show, there were up to eight police officers to be present. The duo has spent the coronamaatregelen not, because one of them is not living in the house in the market place.

finally, The teachers promised they would, eventually, to get the music down, but by the time the police left, called the wizard’s “Sieg Heil” at the cops. The police went back and found that the statement could be considered incitement to racism. After the cops finally left, he said to the assistant, yet, this is the politiesamenleving” and “to hell with the university of Ghent”.

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The university of Ghent was at the height of the market and took immediate action. Rector Rik Van de Walle explained Saturday, there was a ordemaatregel, in which both of the involved parties is not a teaching or educational activities, and more are allowed to carry on. “It was immediately apparent that the teachers, with immediate effect, no longer were able to come up with the students of the university of Ghent. Then, they have resigned from their position. I resigned, of course, accepted,” says Van de Walle Tuesday night. “With an eye to the future, I hope that the necessary lessons will have to pull out of this event.”

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