again and again I see the passenger, the legs during long highway trips, camps, casual on the dashboard high. But what happens in an accident?
C. Küffer Zürich

This can have disastrous consequences. Namely, when the Airbag fires in an accident with around 250 km/h from the dashboard and the legs of the sling. But that is not enough: too strong to the rear of the inclined seat back may result in an accident, the body is not kept under optimal conditions return. This so-called “Submarining”effect is produced through the below slip of the body and has the result that the lap belt instead of on the hips in the stomach area, slips can and internal injuries.

5 tips to help you Adjust the car seat

1. Before the seat is adjusted, a coarse adjustment of the seat and backrest make.

2. Seat height as high as possible to set. The distance between the head and the roof should be approximately a fist width. This is a good field of vision.

3. In the case of the backrest adjacent the Seat, the distance to the pedals so that the legs remain in the case through which the pedals at a slight angle.

4. Backrest tilt so that the steering Wheel can be achieved with landscaped shoulders with slightly bent arms. In the case of steering Wheel rotations of the shoulder must remain in contact. Ideal as upright backrest.

5. Head restraints, adjusted so that the Support upper edge at the same height as the head-top edge. Distance between behind head and support should be as low as possible (max. 3 cm).

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