Many have experienced the Situation already, and probably not a few chosen the “shortcut” on the roadside strip. But beware: Driving in the breakdown lane in a traffic jam can not only buses, but also the withdrawal of the ticket to the consequence.

Because in accordance with art. 35, Para. 1 SVG is the prohibition of the law applies to overtaking. The exception only Driving in parallel columns, forming, as well as on single-track destinations routes with different Driving, Driving on the Acceleration lane of driveways and Deceleration lanes from exits, all in accordance with art. 36, Para. 5 VRV. Puncture marks may only be used for emergency stops used (art. 36, Para. 3 VRV), which is why the to the vehicle drive columns of Passing the arguments is not helpful, and it was not him, went to the Advance in the column, but to the Left of the highway.

withdrawal of the ticket it is possible to exit

The closer to the highway, and the shorter the remaining waiting time is, the more can be expected of the highway leaving the Handlebar to operate the emergency lane. The distance covered in the assessment of fault, therefore, of crucial importance. At a distance of 200 meters, the fault is not therefore to be classed as a light, so that a medium-heavy Offence in terms of article 16b, Para. 1 lit. a SVG is available, what has the withdrawal of the driving licence for at least a month (BGE 133 II, 58). Because it changes according to Federal law, even if it is outdated with a low speed of only 10 km/h on the right.

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