My new car has Keyless-Go. Is it true that cars with this technology in easy-to-steal? to open
W. Sutter, Zurich

a car with a Keyless locking system, the Arm only his key to himself. He approaches the car, it will be recognized from the key by radio – Touch of the door handle enough so that the Central locking opens. Often start the pressure on the start button instead of Turning the ignition key suffices then to the motor. Unfortunately, this technique often has the hook that it is easy to crack. The TCS studied, in conjunction with partner clubs over 100 new vehicles and found: With a self-built radio-extension were Test cars open and drive away.

This signal bridge will work even if the Person is removed with the receiver about 100 meters from the key. As soon as the engine is running, can be driving the car mostly, until the Tank is empty or the engine is switched off. Theoretically, the car could be moved very far, if with the engine running, the car is powered.

Spurenlos gone

the shock of the car-Theft are overcome, could threaten the next Surprise. If the police find the car and investigated, it is likely to find neither burglary nor theft tracks. This could give rise to the suspicion that the theft was just pretended.

More security is necessary

The TCS calls on the car manufacturer, the electronics of your models to systematically hedge, as in many areas of IT are already Standard. Vehicles with expensive Keyless locking system may not be easier to crack than those with a conventional wireless remote control. Jaguar and Land Rover to show how it’s done: In the case of the 2018 tested models of these brands can be used Computer Chips with Ultra-Wide-Band-technology. During the Test, the vehicle could not be opened.

The Keyless function many of the vehicles can be disabled (see operating instructions) and there are special cases for shielding are available. More information

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